The Siloam Spa & Fitness Center

Balinese Massage: Siloam spa is designed in a typical Balinese style spa, a combination of delicate Balinese traditional treatments Experience a new feeling behind traditional natural tonic and essential ails applied by our professionally trained therapist. Lulur & Body Scrub: Oriental Foot Massage. We also provide manicure pedicure & foot care for your new feeling & health special treatment to lean & refresh your feet after tiring activities. followed by a deep relaxing foot massage.

Segara Wangi
3 hrs

Take some time to indulge in our luxurious package of flower footbath, followed by a relaxing Balinese massage, body scrub, body mask, finishing up with a royal bath of flowers or milk.

Reflection of Paradise
2 hrs 45 mins

Experience our exotic package starting with flower footbath, continuing with body scrubs. Followed by body mask and ending with aromatherapy massage.

Siloam After Sun
1 hr 45 mins

Enjoy a total cooling down treatment for sun burnt skin with our special products of fresh aloe and cucumber for a fresher body and face.

Flower Bath

Scalp & Hair Treatment. Pamper your self in our luxurious package of flower milk bath. the ultimate indulgences for your body & mind….Rejuvenate your hair naturally with nourishing scalp & shoulder massage We use only fresh protein enriched We use only fresh protein enriched products to revitalize yours hair.